MILK Program


Artist│Luna Mrozik Gawler

November 9 - 10

Opening: Wednesday 9th November, 6 - 8.30pm
Viewing: Thursday 10th November, 11am - 4pm

Soil is a field of vision. Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Clostridium, Proteobacteria, Acidobacteria.


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Presenting artefacts from a future not yet realised, Autocthonia explores the symbiotic dependency of Earthlings through the field of soil. Multisensory contact with soil is necessary to maintain the healthy function of human bodies born on this planet. Unique to this solar system, it cannot be fabricated or outsourced and arises only through complex coalitions spanning species and scale. In a present grappling with soil depletion, the collection looks to possible futures of off-planet habitation to interrogate how the continuation of human life in any location depends on the care offered to others.

The works in Autocthonia are one fragment of the long-form research project TERRAN, a transdisciplinary investigation into human/earth relations through the lens of space futures. Reweaving narratives of space habitation, TERRAN considers Earth life's material, psychological and spiritual interdependence to advocate for the care of the planetary commons. The complete project engages diverse ecosystems across the atmosphere, land, and waterways, with Autocthonia presenting early research into soil health.


The research for Autocthonia is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria Creators Fund, and The University of Melbourne Center for Visual Art through their Art & Ecology residency.



Luna Mrozik Gawler is an independent researcher, writer and artist interested in care for the planetary commons and work that un/re-makes worlds.With a focus on ecology, speculative futures and inter-being, they utilise a range of mediums to facilitate encounters with agencies, articulations, and futures beyond the human. Luna is one half of Queer-time lab GEOFADE, founding member of L&NDLESS art collective, and co-founder of the futures-oriented art residency Community Transmissions. Most recently Luna’s work has been programmed or published by Incinerator Gallery, the Australian Network of Art & Technology, Powerhouse Museum of Applied Art & Science, Performance Space, Kings Run ARI, The Association for the Study of Literature, Environment & Culture, Utrecht University and The University of Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Sheila Udeagu & Luna Mrozik Gawler. [Image description: a person with short blond hair, wearing what appears to be an oxygen mask, in front of a blue-lit background.]