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MILK in Residence #5:

Curated by Study

Artists│Silent Army (MP Fikaris and Gwen Gilchrist)

Public viewing/ discussion: Tuesday August 30, 6-8pm

For MILK in Residence #5, Silent Army Reading Room (MP Fikaris and Gwen Gilchrist) will continue archiving titles in their collection with a gallery install of selected printed matter from their archives. 

Silent Army Reading Room will be open to the public for discussion on Tuesday August 30 6-8pm— All welcome.

Silent Army:

Silent, as in when one is drawing, writing or reading.  Army, as in a large number of people.

Silent Army is an imprint that began as a name for publishing comic artist anthologies and organising related projects. 


Silent Army began working on a non-lending library in 2020. There are about 1500 items in the collection ranging between the years 1982 - 2022. The collection resonates with independent comic art making as a community building experience, through the love of story, printmaking and sharing. Its purpose is to present local history and encourage drawing, creative writing, mark making and the artistic pursuit as a fundamental human need.

1.Silent Army Reading Room at Study 2021.jpg

Image: 1. Silent Army Reading Room at Study, 2021.
Image description: A photograph taken during Silent Army's occupation of the Study space in 2021. The photograph shows comics/ prints hung on a brick wall and boxes of materials to be archived.


Study is an experimental social space. Art, craft, literature, philosophy. Theory and praxis. Workshops, performances, happenings, conversations. A refuge. Together we imagine and summon a common horizon that is tender, poetic and full of solidarity.


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