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MILK Event

Rites of Nothingness: Bodies as a Relic

Artists│Adina Kraus & Iva Thian

Tuesday 6 September 2022, 6pm

All welcome! Attendance is FREE.




The body is a vessel of ancient wisdom and knowledges. Bodies as a Relic will encapsulate the initiatory ‘pre-ritual’ performance of shamanic and mystical rites of passage. Thian and Kraus will utilize bodily movements in response to energetic frequencies and transferences inside the space. The evening will be broken down into three acts; cleansing, states of trance, and emergence. The performance is a spectacle for mimesis, patterns and sequences that embodies esoteric knowledges shared through Thian and Kraus’ ancestral lineage.

Rites of Nothingness: Bodies as a Relic will run from 6pm on Tuesday 6 September at MILK. This public program is free to attend and everyone is welcome.

Iva Thian and Adina Kraus come from ancestral lineages of Dayak shamans and Kaballah mystics, their practice embodies the relic in rituals and ancient forms of knowledges and wisdom. Thian and Kraus seek to demonstrate energies activated through performance and bodily processes within spacetime, in accordance with historic records of shamanic and mystical rites. Together, the artists navigate through secret codings, unraveling and revealing the hidden energetic forces inside a ritual space. Spiraling from the inside out, expanding and contracting forces by mimicking patterns and sequences until eventually, everything halts at a void. Now, the esoteric journey begins.

Image: KOL GALGAL, 2022, Adina Kraus, performance still. Image courtesy of the artist. [Image Description: A photographed of two blue hands entwined on a black background.]

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