MILK Exhibition

A Very Late Meeting

Artists│Bianca Lyla Clifford, Claire Lambe, Justine Walsh, Parker Lev Dupain

November 17 - December 1, 2022

OPENING: Friday 18 November, 6pm

All welcome!


YkuwuF3Q 2.jpeg



“Urgency when making art and when living something I can describe but not explain. Urgency is a primary virtue, when there is no urgency there is no confidence. Riding a motorbike, freedom, free choice between decision and consequence, the consequence is immediate in life, there is more friction between decision and consequence.” - Notes from a Youtube film on John Berger and Michael Silverblatt 


John is a rational man who does not believe in psychics, omens or the afterlife.
The way is a track, the pale blue morning, it starts to rain again. 

Wishful loitering in the void, take the stick.

And the deep river ran on.



Bianca Lyla Clifford (Au/Greek/Sicilian) is a performance artist, installation, sculpture and video artist. Her works mesh ancient with personal myth. Materially informed by transient states of being, she communes with the freedom of the ephemeral and the emancipation of the natural world.

Claire Lambe draws from film, music, and traditional sculptural practice to create psychologically complex spaces that invite speculation on the human body as both matter and intermediary. Raised in Macclesfield, North of England in the 70s Lambe acknowledges the complexity of leaving, a probing flirtation between transformation, hostility, and tenderness. Clare is represented by Sarah Scout Presents.

Parker Lev Dupain is a visual artist whose work spans sculpture, ceramics, video and performance. Their recent work explores poetic commentary and critique of the artist's practice directed by personas and aesthetics of early 20th century film. 

Justine Walsh is an interdisciplinary artist and arts worker based in the Kulin Nations whose Ancestors are Irish, English, Polish and Anglo-Burmese. Their practice subtly poses questions of absence and being through voice, performance and installation. Justine is passionate about plant-human relationships, psychological & somatic processes, and ritual.

Image: 2 6 ‘05 , Parker Lev Dupain. 35mm film, processed 2022. Courtesy of the artist. [Image description: An abstract image that looks like a white cloud against a blue sky.]