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Trust the Process

Curated by Frame of Mind

March 24 - April 7

Opening: Friday March 25, 6pm

Artists: Charlotte Alldis, Claudia Greathead, Mikaela Stafford, Sarah Pannell, Billy Vanilli, Joelvision, Harry Rothel, Kate Lewis, Emma Creasey, Maryos Syawish, Patrick Randall Bourchier, Natalie Jurrjens, Mia Boe, Jaime Brohier, Lil Palser Barto, Poppy Templeton, Blu Jay, Patrick Francis, Ruth Howard & Chloe Caday


Work pictured: Lil Palser Barto, Velvet During The Floods, detail, 2022, oil on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist.

Trust the Process. From modes of pasteurization, to homogenisation; through centrifugal separation, towards ultrafiltration. The artists’ hand pushes through modes of osmosis, towards acts of milking. Pull on teats to encourage good flow. A process is a series of actions or steps undertaken. Milking in order to achieve a particular end. Permeate in perpetuity and collaborate towards a shared hang. To bathe collectively in making.



Patrick Francis
Patrick Francis works primarily in acrylic on paper. His paintings draw on personal experiences and encounters, as well as a rich knowledge of popular culture and art history, often inspired by the work of artists such as Velazquez, Vermeer and Rubens. Bold in colour palette, the expressive portraits range from pop culture icons such as Marilyn Monroe to icons of fifteenth century Italian Renaissance such as author Baldassare Castiglione. Patrick Francis has worked at Arts Project Australia since 2009.

Mia Boe
Mia Boe is a painter from Brisbane, with Butchulla and Burmese ancestry. The inheritance and 'disinheritance' of both of these cultures focus her work. Mia's paintings respond, sometimes obliquely, to Empire’s deliberate, violent interferences with the cultural heritages of Burma and K’gari (Fraser Island).


Ruth Howard
Ruth Howard is a multi-disciplinary artist working in small scale in the mediums of painting and ceramics. Howard’s minimalist paintings often portray a single object on a flat plane, while her sculptures depict wild animals or organic matter in abstract form - from amphibians to insects, elephants and porcupines. Her dedication to this theme has enabled her to refine her idiosyncratic, bold style to quirky levels of elegance and beauty. Ruth Howard has worked in the Arts Project studio since 1998.


Charlotte Alldis 

Charlotte Alldis is an emerging painter who currently lives and plays on Wurundjeri Country. Alldis' practice divulges into lived experiences combined with imagination, often using painting, and drawing to unpack and extend her curiosity. Charlotte tells the stories of her real and imagined world through her often technicolour palettes and stretching figures frozen in motion. The audience is a witness to the duality of joy and despair that coexists in Alldis works. Amongst the large eyed characters that feature in her artworks, Alldis takes us along with her into her world, a journey full of playfulness and diving into the subconscious. Alldis' practice acts as both a way to learn about herself, and a way to move forward. 

Claudia Greathead
Claudia Greathead was born in 1992 and lives and works in Naarm. Through her art, Greathead conjures up an uncanny ghostliness out of the mundane. She resurrects narratives and considers the way they linger; the strangeness that pervades after the moment is imagined, distorted or lost over time. Her paintings are shrouded in a persistent elusiveness. They show how the pursuit of truth through a revisitation of the past can sometimes lead to an even greater incomprehensibility. 

After graduating from the Queensland College of Art in 2014, she has exhibited nationally and has been a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize (2014,2015), a semi finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (2017) and a finalist in the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship (2019). She makes work to resolve thought and feeling and is now undergoing a Masters of Art Therapy at La Trobe University. By Elle Charalambu. 

Chloe Caday
Chloe Caday is a painter based in She Oaks, Wadawurrung, Victoria. Drawing deeply on her Filipino roots, Chloe explores her relationship to the land, most notably her historical, cultural and spiritual connections to place. These places include the Australian bushland and personally significant sites in the Philippines. Painting on-site and her use of gestural mark making to respond to the movement and sound of the landscapes are a central technique to her practice. Caday acknowledges the ability of the landscape to hold forgotten histories, inspire stories, and inform and shape culture.


Natalie Jurrjens
Natalie Jurrjens (she/her) is a self-taught photographer based in Naarm/Melbourne. Capturing the city’s thriving artistic scene for over 5 years, Natalie exercises her highly trained eye to focus on the intersection between community and creative spaces; whether that’s documenting Naarm’s electronic music scene from parties to independently run festivals, scenic road trips to idyllic places or the intimate portraits of the vibrate personalities she collaborates with. Natalie’s work depicts her ever-growing appreciation for the mutual inspiration that's shared between her and her subjects. Her photographs ooze a warm sense of sentimental nostalgia, exploring a meticulous approach through her preferred medium of analog photography.


Billy Vanilli 

Billy Vanilli (b.1995) is a Melbourne (Naarm) based self-taught oil painter with an interest in still life and contemporary realism. He constructs scenes often featuring food and dining. They sometimes feel welcoming and at other times feel invasive or isolating. His work currently explores the weird ways we behave in acts of consumption and the eroticism around food presentation.

Sarah Pannell
Sarah Pannell (b. 1988, Melbourne/Naarm) is an Australian photographer whose work concerns culture, landscape and community. Sarah's fascination with humans’ ever-evolving dance with their surrounding environments has led to an array of projects focussing on everyday life, preservation of traditions and communities around the world. Sarah has produced a number of publications including Tabriz to Shiraz (2019) published by Perimeter Editions and Hillvale, and self-published titles including Sehir (2014) and The Territories (2015) and I Dreamt of the Sea (2022).

Patrick Randall Bourchier
Photographer hailing from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He concentrates the lens on the ebb and flow of The day to day. Wherever that day may lead.


Emma Creasey
Self-taught painter Emma Creasey lives and works on Wurundjeri Country in Naarm, Melbourne. Working predominantly in oils, Emma examines themes of intimacy, consumption and surrealism through her work. Inspired by fictional writing, film and music, Emma uses bodies, interiors, food and nature to create imagined worlds that explore the human experience. Intuitive brushwork and impulsive colour choices bring a state of play into Emma’s practice, further connecting her with her own emotional landscape.


Jaime Brohier
Jaime Brohier is a multi disciplinary artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. His work is driven by an expressive process and feelings associated in that very moment. The outcome of much of his work is unplanned and often experimental.

Kate Lewis
Kate Lewis, originally from Djubujuli/Sydney, is a practicing painter now based in Naarm/Melbourne. Kate is currently completing the final year of a Masters in Contemporary Art at the VCA University of Melbourne. Utilising oil on wood, Kate engages a playful painting process that draws on introspection to convey a deeply personal experience of place rather than imposing explicit representations.

She is interested in landscape at both a macro and micro level. Manipulating perspective, light, colour, angles and scale are key considerations of the painting process for Kate. In playing with these devices, Kate’s work seeks to explore the intersection of place, space and practice, whilst translating the texture of a fleeting moment, memory, or experience. Kate attempts to extend the boundaries of what a painting can communicate by seeking out the personal in the universal. 

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