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June 2 - 16

Opening: Thursday June 2, 6pm

Artists: James Unsworth, Jake Preval, Lia Dewey Morgan,
Samuel Nugent, Kurt Medenbach

Bulk Male Flower Collage 51 Small.jpg

Bulk male flower collage 51, James Unsworth

Milking is — extracting as much as you can. 


SEE  “They milked it.” — squeezed out every last drop. The economics of sucking it dry. ECO death and pleasure — the small death.

La petite mort

IT IS across bodies, species AND organisms — it is milking the bull. The breast. Almonds and Oats. IT IS the milk that you suck from the middle of the fish’s eye. The circle jerk and the soybean press.

IT IS industrialised — the ROBOTIC MILKING SHED. The taking of the cows first born calf — THE SMALL DEATH. La petite mort. The breast pump. Dried bottles of powdered colostrum healing IBS. AND The stroker.

IT IS Eggs milked from the belly of a trout. Cavities clamped to OVIPOSITORS — milked from alien cocks. AND psychedelic junkies milking every last drop of Mugwamp jism in interzone.

IT IS Pus, love and bile — Wet dreams of popped pimples. Those expressive process’ of glandular bodies. THEN Emptied udders and ball sacks. Fingers at full depth — the thinning of seminal fluids on hot nights.

La petite mort

IT IS physical action — Sweat dripping from the athletes back. Dripping — Dripping from the roof of the dance floor, THEN squeezing in that last drink, that last line. BC The night was thuroughly milked. THEN — still unable to sleep.  THE milking of memories.





Featuring artists James Unsworth, Jake Preval, Samuel Nugent, Kurt Medenbach and poet, Lia Dewey Morgan. 


Jake Preval

Jake Preval is a visual artist living and working in Naarm. His practice spans sculpture, photography, installation and performance. He completed his MFA at the VCA in 2021. Recent solo exhibitions include slowtrade at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, A Warm Body To Hold at Fort Delta and Haiku for a Honey Girl at Blindside. He is represented by Sarah Scout Presents.


Samuel Nugent

Samuel Nugent is a multidisciplinary autobiographical artist based in Naarm. Their work explores themes of trauma, queerness and fantasy. 


Lia Dewey Morgan

Lia Dewey Morgan is a poet who sometimes makes art. She grapples with the continuity and chaos present in contemporary living, drawing formal inspiration from Japanese verse, hip hop and house music, memes and esoteric theory. Her first book, Bath Songs, was published earlier this year with local press nomorepoetry.

Kurt Medenbach

Kurt Medenbach is a multidisciplinary artist who makes work exploring the intersections of capitalism, technology and identity. Originally a sound artist, their installation-based practice has now expanded towards all senses. They have a particular interest in the fragmented temporality that exists in contemporary digital spaces, especially the internet.


James Unsworth

James Unsworth  makes works about fatness and desire. Researching the print history of girth and mirth organisations and early bear publications to use as compositions for drawings or raw materials for collage. As well as using archive materials he works with contemporary models to insert fat queer bodies into art history. 

Curated by Kurt Medenbach

This exhibition has been kindly supported by Yarra City Arts and Miscelania.

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