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MILK Listens
Edition #1

Curated by Carla Zimbler


falling in slow motion


a glossy film of ice cracks

under the weight of our heels

and with each delicate step

tiptoeing across gossamer silk

we fracture the soft edges
of our sun-glazed reflection


an enveloping cloud

lingers hesitantly
on each exhale
then drifts and fades

into formlessness


snow dust clings to our flyaway hair
as we walk coiled together hands clasped

and watch the ground slip from under our feet

our dissolving silhouettes

snugly swathed and swaddled

carousel around endless moons

until our cheeks blush pink

and woollen socks drip wet


we detangle mixed up limbs

and smudge windblown tears

with five frostbitten fingertips

gesturing a storm-muffled goodbye

through numb cerulean lips

as we silently disappear from sight

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  • 1. Circles on Circles - Bitchin Bajas

  • 2. Tropical Convergence - Pauline Anna Strom

  • 3. Morning Spring - Suzanne Ciani

  • 4. Mirrors in Mirrors - Midori Hirano

  • 5. nec DOG - Kate NV

  • 6. Lush - Felicia Atkinson

  • 7. Milieu - Puscha

  • 8. Do While X - Oval

  • 9. Fugue - ju ca

  • 10. Introspection - Laraaji

  • 11. Humidity - Sofie Birch, Nana Pi

  • 12. Reminiscence - Hélène Vogelsinger

  • 13. Knot of Spirit - Caterina Barbieri, Lyra Pamuk

  • 14. Closed Circuit - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Suzanne Ciani

Carla's playlist explores ideas of seeking (internal/external) balance amidst chaos and stillness in both solid and fluid environments. Recently returning home from a residency in Iceland, the tracks have assisted Carla's adjustment to opposing timezones, hemispheres and climates and Carla hopes it will similarly be a refuge for those seeking stability when their surroundings are in constant motion.

As a projection artist, Carla Zimbler bends light across interior/exterior architecture and soaks sculptural forms in vivid textures as a live performative experience. Carla’s site-specific installations shift orientation and perspective to redefine spatial boundaries and transcend the everyday, kindling desire for otherworldly places of belonging. Carla invites audiences to examine abstract ephemera and contemplate the intricacies of the micro/macro and cosmic worlds we exist in.

Utilising creative technology and generative software to explore luminous phenomena, bodies are drawn into immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand, burst and dissolve. These intimate, experiential worlds explore concepts regarding emotional connectedness, symbiosis, metaphorical lightness/darkness and other contrasting dualities.

Carla’s visual work has been featured at Sydney Opera House, National Gallery of Australia, Phoenix Central Park, Arts House, ACMI and at festivals; Distortion Ø, LungA, List í ljósi, Reykjavik Winter Lights, Dour Festival, VIVID, Something Unlimited, Inner Varnika, Beyond the Valley and Melbourne Music Week. In 2022, Carla will be in residence at the Centre for Projection Art, SÍM Residency in Reykjavik and a representative of the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 


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