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MILK Listens
Edition #2

Curated by Ophelia Bakowski


Music for mushrooms is a dedication to spaces of transcendence in nature, in particular to the network of the forest - Mycelium. This two-hour reflection of ambient drones and field recordings celebrates those fungal feelings and creates a space of gentle warmth for both mushroom and mushroomee.


This recording was aired in collaboration with local community station Skylab Radio as part of Ophelia's ongoing All Kinds Of Joy residency.

Ophelia Bakowski is a non-binary video and performance artist from Naarm. In recent years their arts practice and work as a DJ under the pseudonym DJ Luv You, have morphed together on selected works, often exploring transcendence and queer identity through the symbolism of the natural world and ritual gestures.


  • Field recording Macedon Rangers

  • Mei Saraswati - Wannaz

  • H. Takahashi - Luft

  • Lury Lech - Barreras

  • Alan Dargin - Forest Light

  • Wilson Tanner - Loch and Key

  • Jason Kolar - Corners

  • Khotin - Levi’s Synth

  • Joseph Shabason - Dangerous Chemicals

  • Matthew Halsall - Mindfulness Meditations

  • Brian Eno - Ba-benzele

  • Joseph Shabason - Commanda

  • Unknown track

  • Meta Meta - Obatala

  • Khotin - Frog Fractions

  • Perko - Luna

  • Jason Solar - Clairvoyance

  • OK EG - Precipitation

  • Felt Body - I Feel It In All My Senses

  • Francesca Heart - Giochi, Dispetti, Lo Sguardo Della Ninfa

  • Meitei - Enso

  • GODTET - Film

  • Patricia Wolf - Morning Light

  • Slow Attack Ensemble - Rivers To Turn Waterfalls

  • Art Wilson - Overworld

Image by Ophelia Bakowski 

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