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MILK Reads
Edition #1

Curated by Christine McFetirdge

From the open eyes of the author who writes the letters on the page to the open eyes of the reader who reads them.
— Jenny Erpenbeck 


The Métis artist and scientist Max Liboiron recognises reading and writing as relations in their book Pollution is Colonialism. To read ethically, they write, we must refuse ‘to read as a form of extraction.’ In this way, reading becomes a means of thinking through and understanding what our relations and obligations to human and non-human others might be. To read in an extractive way, on the other hand, treats it as an experience that must be useful or relatable. Rea
ding against extraction, then, is generous and generative. 


If you’re in a position to do so, please consider supporting the flood relief efforts in Northern NSW. Find a donation directory here.

Christine McFetridge is a settler New Zealander based on unceded Wadawurrung Country. She is a photographer, researcher and writer represented by M.33, Melbourne, and a founding member of Co- Publishing and Women in Photography NZ & AU. Christine is a PhD candidate in RMIT University's School of Art and a member of the AEGIS Art & Ecologies Research Network.



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