MILK Exhibitionsfree curated exhibitions of local and international experimental & contemporary art practice.
MILK in Residencefree mini-residencies to artists and collectives as a way to support the local creative community.
MILK Cinemacurated film screenings.
MILK Readsa free reading list, curated by an artist, writer or researcher that MILK trusts.
MILK Listensa free listening list, curated by an artist, writer or researcher that MILK trusts.
SPILT MILK | an opportunity for the last two hours of an exhibition to be a conversational zone. 


MILK ExhibitionA Very Late Meeting│Bianca Lyla Clifford, Claire Lambe, Justine Walsh, Parker Lev Dupain│November 17 - December 1│Opening Friday November 18th, 6-8pm


MILK ProgramAutocthonia│Luna Mrozik Gawler│November 9 - 10│Opening Wednesday 9th, 6-8pm

MILK in Residence│Roslyn Orlando│October 29 - Tuesday 1│Reading & Discussion with Aleks Hammo - Tuesday 1 November, 6-7pm

MILK ExhibitionMolly Walker & Uncle Ray / NamaHanded Down Dungala / on the Murray│October 13 - 27│Opening: FRIDAY October 14, 6-8pm

MILK Reads│Abbra Kotlarczyk│

MILK Exhibition│System Blower│curated by Isaac Christie & Adrian de Vries│September 15 - 29│Opening: Thursday September 15, 6-8pm

MILK EventRites of Nothingness: Bodies as a Relic│Adina Kraus & Iva Thian│Tuesday 6 September, 6pm

MILK in Residence│Silent Army│Curated by Study│Open for discussion: Tuesday 30 August 6-8pm

MILK ExhibitionAn Ear to the Edge of Sound│curated by Josephine Mead│Lucreccia Quintanilla, AM Kanngieser, Grace Ferguson, Julian Tuna, Katie Stackhouse & Tina Stefanou│August 11 - 25
MILK Reads│Martina Copley

MILK ExhibitionHer potent feet - whose touch alone form hollow poolsan exhibition of new works by Brodie Kokkinos│8 - 21 July

MILK Listens│Ophelia Bakowski

MILK in Residence│Curated by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha│Collaborative performance, Wednesday June 29, 7pm

MILK In Residence │ Curated by Centre for Projection Art│Glynn Urquhart, Yufang Chi, Leela Schauble and Edwina Combe│June 18 - 21

MILK ExhibitionMILKINGJames Unsworth, Lia Dewey Morgan, Jake Preval, Samuel Nugent and Kurt MedenbachJune 2 - 16

MILK in Residence│Amaara Raheem with Briony Barr and Aimee Schollum│May 23 - 26

MILK Reads│Diego Ramirez│April

MILK Cinema│A Future That Never Arrives│David Rosetzky, Phebe Schmidt, Gianna Mazzeo and Brodie Kokkinos│April 28

MILK in Residence│curated by Chamber Made│Sarah Walker & Katerina Kokkinos-KennedyApril 9 - 12

MILK Listens│Carla Zimbler│March

MILK Cinema
Curated by Lola Hewison & Veronica CharmontMarch 16, 7pm

MILK Exhibition│Trust the ProcessFrame Of Mind│March 24 - April 7

MILK Reads│Christine McFetridge│March 

MILK Exhibition│Mother's Milkcurated by Josephine Mead & Brodie Kokkinos│ February 17 - March 3