MILK Exhibitionsfree curated exhibitions of local and international experimental & contemporary art practice.

MILK in Residence
free mini-residencies to artists and collectives as a way to support the local creative community.

MILK Cinemacurated film screenings.

MILK Reads
a free reading list, curated by an artist, writer or researcher that MILK trusts.

MILK Listens
a free listening list, curated by an artist, writer or researcher that MILK trusts.


MILK in Residence│Curated by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha│Collaborative performance, Wednesday June 29, 7pm

MILK Listens│Ophelia Bakowski│June 


MILK Exhibition│ Her potent feet - whose touch alone form hollow pools
an exhibition of new works by Brodie Kokkinos
│8 - 21 July


MILK In Residence │ Curated by Centre for Projection Art│Glynn Urquhart, Yufang Chi, Leela Schauble and Edwina Combe│June 18 - 21

MILK ExhibitionMILKINGJames Unsworth, Lia Dewey Morgan, Jake Preval, Samuel Nugent and Kurt MedenbachJune 2 - 16

MILK in Residence│Amaara Raheem with Briony Barr and Aimee Schollum│May 23 - 26

MILK Reads│Diego Ramirez│April

MILK Cinema│A Future That Never Arrives│David Rosetzky, Phebe Schmidt, Gianna Mazzeo and Brodie Kokkinos│April 28

MILK in Residence│Chamber Made│Sarah Walker & Katerina Kokkinos-KennedyApril 9 - 12

MILK Listens│Carla Zimbler│March

MILK Cinema
Curated by Lola Hewison & Veronica CharmontMarch 16, 7pm

MILK Exhibition│Trust the ProcessFrame Of Mind│March 24 - April 7

MILK Reads│Christine McFetridge│March 

MILK Exhibition│Mother's Milk│February 17 - March 3