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MILK in Residence #3:

Curated by Centre for Projection Art

Artists: Glynn Urquhart, Yufang Chi, Leela Schauble and Edwina Combe.

Public program:

Granular: Showing by Glynn Urquhart & Edwina Combe, Sunday 19 June, 4-6pm

Granular: consisting of small grains or particles, pixels or bits of information, having a high level of detail, rough in surface, fuzzy, grainy.

Granular is a showing of projection artworks in development by Edwina Combe & Glynn Urquhart, touching on themes of self analysis, body contextualisation, and nostalgia. The blurring and distortion of images, and aspects of the granular, are explored in a dialogue between film photography and digital animation.

MILK in Residence provides free mini residencies to artists and collectives as a way to support the local creative community. For the third iteration of our residency program, Centre for Projection Art have curated the residency to include Glynn Urquhart, Edwina Combe, Yufang Chi and Leela Schauble. The artists will have access to the space for four days. Glynn and Edwina will present work to the public on Sunday 19 June.

Glynn Urquhart_Image 2.png

Image: Still from digital animation of 3D pillar-like fleshy forms with rainbow reflective sheen by Glynn Urquhart. Courtesy of the artist. 

Centre for Projection Art activates public spaces through artistic outcomes engaging projection art that invites our audiences to be curious, reflective and to bring their sense of discovery with them. We work responsively through site specific works and use projection art as a way to gather and be in conversation with our community.

Glynn Urquhart is a queer multimedia artist based in Naarm/Melbourne working primarily with animation, projection, and photography. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, his practice is driven by experimentation with new technologies, most recently artificial intelligence, 3D scanning, and motion capture. His work deals with themes surrounding identity, the body, and the tensions between the physical and digital world.

Yu-Fang Chi is a Taiwan-born, Melbourne-based artist working within textile, silversmithing, sculpture, and spacial installation. In her practice, Chi explores the understanding of material, repetitive processes of making, and the position of human body. Chi has exhibited extensively. Since 2008 her work has been exhibited in exhibitions at the International Handwerksmesse Munich, The Museum of Arts and Crafts ITAMI Japan, The Gallery of Art Legnica, Poland, Beijing International Jewelry Biennial, World Art Museum and so on. Chi’s work is held in the collections of Gold Museum in Taiwan, Korea International Craft Biennale, and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France.

Melbourne-based artist Edwina Combe primarily works in installation and film photography. Their work currently centers around themes of vulnerability and creating a visual language to communicate very personal glimpses into their worldview. The artworks act as a sort of cathartic release for Combe, as they delve into intimate expressions of personal struggles with anxiety, illness, gender, and feeling unheard due to hierarchical imbalance. There are also aspects of how these affect the way we perceive our own identity and how others interpret us.

Leela Schauble is a Melbourne based artist working with photography and moving image. Her practice primarily meditates on the relationships between environment, human-caused climate change and inorganic materials. Schauble completed a Master of Fine Arts Research at The Victorian College of Fine Arts in 2017 and Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours at Monash University in 2011. She is a prize-winning photographer who has exhibited in ARI’s, commercial galleries, and festivals. She has also undertaken several Artist in Residence programs, which heavily shapes her practice, including; The Artist Immersion Program with LABVERDE within the Amazon Rainforest and sailing to the Artic Circle.

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