MILK in Residence #6:

Artist│Roslyn Orlando

October 29 - November 1

The gallery will be open from 12-5pm during the residency dates and you are welcome to visit and discuss Roslyn's work in progress.



Reading by Roslyn Orlando, followed by discussion with Aleks Hammo, Tuesday November 1st, 6-7pm.

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Left image:  "an excerpt from the essay Critical Simulation by Roslyn Orlando". Right image: "Simulation 1.5 - God's Eye by Roslyn Orlando". Courtesy of Roslyn Orlando. [Image description: a red square with the phrase "critical simulation" repeated in white & a black and white photograph of Roslyn Orlando turning away from the camera.]

For the 6th iteration of MILK in Residence, Roslyn Orlando will take MILK over to continue a project titled Critical Simulation, which looks at artistic practice in relation to concepts of simulation and simulacra as defined by Baudrillard. Roslyn will spend the residency in the gallery reading, writing and testing out performative ideas in relation to the text. The gallery will be open between 12-5pm and visitors are welcome to enter and speak to Roslyn about the project. On the final night of the residency, Roslyn will present a reading of the work, followed by a conversation with Aleks Hammo.



Roslyn Orlando is a multidisciplinary artist working across live performance, video, text and experimental music. Her work explores the ways in which new technologies produce language, communication and meaning. Roslyn is interested in how these networked systems infiltrate, co-opt and disrupt our ontologies, emotional transmissions and experiences of time, memory, death, desire, friendship and other socially formed cognitions.

Aleks Hammo is a philosopher, podcaster, and digital content creator based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. Aleks’ podcast, “Aleks Listens,” started out as an interview series in mid-2018, and has since become a podcast, video, and writing project which investigates philosophy, politics, race, and mental health.